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Friday, 3 April 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 expected specifications

Update: Samsung is now officially launching Galaxy S7 on Feb 21 at an Unpacked event in Barcelona. You can check teaser video from Samsung official youtube channel below:

The technology in the smartphone era is going for the next revolution, every month you see a device in the market, which is more powerful, faster and amazing. According to experts last quarter of 2015 would be most amazing for all smartphone geek because internal news confirms that Samsung engineers are testing the most amazing smartphone of the decade. Well, it hints towards the next Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.
In the month of April 2014, Samsung announced released the Samsung Galaxy S5, which was quite successful, but later other smartphones from other leading manufacturer like Apple, LG and Sony overcome it. No doubt, Galaxy S5 was amazing but it was not revolutionary and yes Samsung fans were expecting something amazing. However, just launched Galaxy Note 4 looks pretty promising but again it is also not revolutionary. It is faster than Note 3, Galaxy S5 and contains few amazing features but the smart technology experience is not new. And now the Galaxy S6 the 2015 flagship is revealed with all new design and metal body.

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Yes, we are talking about something new and revolutionary. On other hand, just launched Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is interesting but not a big change in the market. We have seen bent display, edge display, 3D display in the smartphones but nothing that would follow the future’s path.  But in the secret mines of Samsung, they are cooking very interesting technologies. In 2015, we might see super-fast processor, amazing display technology and especially super fast charging batteries. And this all would be implemented in future phones but question remained with us that “When”? Well, connecting all this information with Galaxy S7 then it would not be wrong, as this phone would be releasing after a year and few months. Let’s learn about Samsung Galaxy S7 about its release date, specifications, special features and possibilities. There are also possibilities for the Galaxy S7 Edge release date as you have seen the Galaxy S6 Edge.
Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 release date possibilities:

Samsung Galaxy S6 is about to release within couple of months and you can’t expect the Galaxy S7 release date near. According to the previous release date of Samsung Galaxy S series super smartphones, Galaxy S6 would make its entry in the month of Feb 2014 and there is possibility we might Galaxy S7 in the first quarter of 2016. The market competition is forcing every brand of smartphone to bring something latest and faster before their schedule.
  • Galaxy S4 released March 2013
  • Galaxy S5 released March 2014
  • Galaxy S6 release date March 2015
  • Galaxy S7 release date Q1 of 2016
  • Galaxy S7 Edge release date, Q1 2016
There are few rumours in the market that Samsung would be redefining its Galaxy S series and we might see a new name for the series but who knows if Samsung would continue and Galaxy S7 would be launched with the name Galaxy S7 only.

Galaxy S7 specifications and features: 

Galaxy Note 5
If we talk about the hardware and specifications of Galaxy S7 then no doubt, it would be carrying the most advanced hardware of the generation. As per the rumors, at the launch of Samsung S7, market trend would be touching the limit in the hardware specs. In 2014, 3GB RAM become normal in smartphones and for 2015 similarly, 4GB RAM would be common. So, if you are expecting 4GB RAM in S7 then you won’t be wrong. On other hand, in 2015 we would experience the fastest mobile smartphone processor, which might process at the frequency of 3.X GHz. Already, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is working at clock frequency of 2.7 GHz.

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On other hand, as we discussing there must be something unique in display configuration of Samsung Galaxy S7 and yes Samsung would follow the expectations of people. You can expect 4K display or flexible display from next Galaxy S series smartphone. Just two years ago, in Smartphone industry HTC (hTC ONE M10) and LG (LG G5) were two beast to experience the 3D display in their smartphone, however the response were not in favour because of the 3D limitations in the display and now who knows if Samsung will bring some high resolution, low consumption and most efficient 3D display in smartphones.
  • True Octa-Core 3.X GHz processor
  • 3D 4K resolution display or 2K flexible display measuring 5.2 inches
  • 4GB RAM
  • 20 MP ultra low light sensitivity sensor
  • Ultra Fast Finger Print detective Sensor
  • A mini Projector
  • Superfast charging battery (Charging time 5 Minutes)
No doubt, a revolution is needed in smartphone industry and next year is going to be very surprising for us. HTC is silent since long in the market and other manufactures are also going to shout loud and going to welcome 2015.

Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 price range:

At present to discuss about Samsung Galaxy S7 price would not make sense. Samsung always sell its devices like hot cakes. Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung’s costliest smartphone and its sale is going pretty good. And defiantly its price would fall after the launch of Galaxy S6. At present we can hope, Samsung would bring something more at cheaper price like other Chinese manufacturer are doing in the market.

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The completion:

Samsung Galaxy S7 could be the world first revolutionary smartphone of the industry and it may take to the technology definition for smartphone to the next level. But how it would happen and what exactly would be there is still a question for us. However, we would try to bring all latest updates and connected leaks with S7 at earliest as possible, so stay tuned with us. Don’t forget to give us your views regarding upcoming launches of Samsung and do like us on Facebook, twitter and Share us on G+. And you may subscribe to our blog so that all updates and information on the same subject would reach to your Inbox. Cheers!

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