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Friday, 14 November 2014

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera specification

Samsung Galaxy S7 camera updated: Nowadays we don't need to take our digital camera or DSLR with us as our Smartphones are getting more and more better specification each time. In past if you have to take good quality snapshots then a high quality camera was must.

We have already seen some high end smartphone's like Sony Xperia Z3 and Lumia 1080 with having far better camera specs with 21 an 41 megapixels. So, for Samsung it's must compulsory to bring something much better to make a mark. Recently they have launched Galaxy Zoom (20 MP) and Galaxy Note 4 with a 16 MP camera featuring dual shot, HDR and many good features.

As Sony which is world's most famous company in camera manufacturing died, many other Smartphone manufacturer's like Apple and Motorola are also getting cameras that are made by Sony.

Samsung Galaxy S7 camera

The Galaxy S6 Smartphone is reported to have a 20 mega pixels camera with auto-focus and LED flash. So, we can expect something more quality camera now. I think Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a 21 or 23 megapixels of camera at rear end that can shoot 4K videos. Also it will features some really nice and innovative sensors like better auto-focus, Smile detection, HDR, Shake resistance and many more.

Some rumors about camera of Galaxy S7 are also pointing that it will have Iris Eye reorganization feature to provide more security. At the front it can have 8 Megapixels HD camera for making better video calling.

As the phone is not unveiled till now, we have to wait for some time to get more detailed info about the specific camera details. We will update this as soon as possible. Elsewhere you can share your thoughts about the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera specs with us.

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