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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release date & Price

So, finally we are going to see Galaxy S7 and LG G5 Smartphone. Both device are going to launch one day before MWC event on February 21 in Barcelona. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has just been on sale for some months but it is already time to look ahead to the following smartphones. Here's what we know so far about the Galaxy S7 release date, cost, specifications, features and much more.

Since you're interested, whether or not you believe that it's too early to begin looking at just what the Galaxy S7 might bring, you've landed on this particular page. Since we have been writing since the very beginning about the Galaxy range we'll also add our own ideas and pro predictions.

On this site you may read about the rumoured Galaxy S7 release date, how much it might cost, the way that it will compare in relation to hardware design, specifications and characteristics to the Galaxy S6. You may also vote in our surveys to tell us what you'd most like to see from the Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Edge Concepts

We've split the post up into little sections so you can readily locate what you're searching for, focussing on distinct facets of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Please bear in mind that what you are reading is rumours and speculation so it could be incorrect - so we advise a wholesome pinch of salt but we'll try and point out which matters are more likely and less likely as we go. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date

Generally, the flagship Galaxy S smartphone launch is pretty easy to call. Samsung tends to declare the telephone very close to MWC, the smartphone and tablet computer concentrated tech show in Barcelona which takes place each year in March.

Samsung found Galaxy S apparatus to a brand new main yearly so it's most likely that weare going to need to wait until MWC 2016 to see the Samsung Galaxy S7 officially unveiled at a Unpacked press conference. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped a rumour indicating it'll arrive a lot earlier.

We think this is extremely unlikely and it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which we'll get after this year, likely at IFA 2015 in September. A source from the advertising department of Samsung concurs saying that the Galaxy S7 won't establish in 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price

Samsung, and other cell phone manufacturers, typically do not pronounce costs for phone anyhow, so we usually get the cost from retailers which is how much you are going to have to pay anyway.

With the Galaxy S6 reaching the market at GBP599 we'd be surprised if the Galaxy S7 is priced radically different - unless it does have curved screen technology as standard (see below) then it may be more like GBP649. In fact, our cash is really on the exact same price so we'll need to wait and see if we're right.

Samsung Galaxy S7 build and design

We believe like you spent GBP600 on it and like Samsung finally got the design of the Galaxy flagship right with the Galaxy S6 by going to a mix of glass and metal resulting in a device that actually feels premium.

Read our review for more on that but we trust that Samsung sticks with this new fashionable layout for the Samsung Galaxy S7. Nevertheless, not everybody is a devotee of the Galaxy S6 design because it brought along some downgrades.

The most likely layout rumour is that Samsung will make Galaxy S6 Edge a normal attribute and the curved edge. We think this is absolutely possible but Samsung could also stick with all the standard model along with a curved version in order to charge a premium for the feature - instead of bumping the price up.

We expect the Galaxy S7 to have this interface also with the OnePlus 2 confirmed to have USB Type C which is reversible.

Samsung Galaxy S7 chip, memory and storage

It's very much up in the air regarding whether the Galaxy S7 will use one of Samsung's own chips or move back to Qualcomm. Although the firm is using an own-brand Exynos chip in the Galaxy S6 versions, a u-turn back to the Snapdragon range is definitely on the cards.

"We have to use the very best engines to make our products competitive, which is the reason why we opted to use our own chips," help JK Shin, head of Samsung Mobile. "But we may very well end up using products from Qualcomm again in the next Galaxy phone."

In fact, Samsung is believed to be working with Qualcomm on manufacturing the Snapdragon 820 with 3GHz Kyro CPU cores so that it might be a joint effort on this one.
We believe that 4GB is a lot more likely although there are a few slightly wild rumours indicating the Galaxy S7 will feature a whopping 6GB of RAM. Storage will probably remain at 32GB like the Galaxy S6 along with the microSD card slot is unknown but we can only expect the answer has been found by Samsung to this change and acts on it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 display

The display size of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 is 5.1in so it appear likely that Samsung will stick to this with the Galaxy S7 and it will almost certainly continue with its favoured AMOLED technology. After all, the Galaxy Note range is designed for those needing a larger display.

It is quite possible that the curved screen technology found on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will be a normal attribute of the Galaxy S7 as mentioned in the design section. A Samsung official said the company is looking to substantially increase its monthly output of flexible displays to prepare for the release of S7.

We'll have a better idea of what when the Galaxy Note 5 display technology the Galaxy S7 will offer comes out after this year.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications that are additional

Previously, Samsung has adding various gizmos and gadgets to its cellphones, especially the Galaxy S range so we anticipate this to be continued by the Samsung Galaxy S7. We'd expect it to come together with the fingerprint scanner uncovered of the S6 models as well as the typical heart rate monitor and IR blaster for controlling devices around your house. Samsung is also rumoured for preparing Galaxy Note 6, Grand 3 and Note Edge 2 Smartphone side by side. So, 2016 is going to be a big year for the company and also for you.

One place Samsung has not actually shoved compared to opponents is sound so we're wondering whether it might up the game on the Galaxy S7 here.

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