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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications, Rumors and Release Date

The Galaxy S7 might be in its planning stages, although the Samsung Galaxy S6 hasn't been around all that long, Tech Radar reports. As per recent leaks phone is going to get the same design as S6 and will get announce on Feb 21.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors

There are always improvements to be made, although the Galaxy S6 is an impressive smartphone. The Galaxy S7 will likely get one of the best displays available on a smartphone, maybe even better than a 4K display, perhaps 8K.

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A better screen would definitely help out if Samsung needs to take advantage of their recent entry into the virtual reality sector. The Samsung Gear VR is a headset that can be attached to Samsung smartphones, and in the event the Samsung Galaxy S7 desires to use the Gear VR, an ultra-sharp screen would help.

Fingerprint sensors are discovered on most recent smartphones, however an even more safe unique identifier is out there. This may be the first time that Samsung can comprise an iris scanner. This would require a minimum of one innovative front-facing camera. With an iris scanner, Galaxy S7 owners unlock it and could point the telephone at their eyes.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Concept

Curved edges were used by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on its display. The Galaxy S7 might have similar curved edges on both sides of the screen. Both of these curved edges would exhibit tellings.
A superb sound encounter could be coming very shortly to the Galaxy S7. It is expected to get bass-heavy loudspeakers of the device on the top and bottom.

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Samsung will need to find a strategy to enhance the battery life of the newest Galaxy. This might require a larger battery, which could mean forfeiting some internal parts for the battery.

This could mean Samsung wants to shove this apparatus along quickly so they could start analyzing it and then release it.

Even being ahead of schedule, it's not likely that Samsung will release another Galaxy S device in 2015, but early 2016 could happen.

Samsung is looking to launch few more Smartphones in it's Galaxy S flagship. For now, they are looking to launch Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which comes with larger display and better specifications.

This time Samsung is going to release Galaxy S7 prior to MWC 2016.

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