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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

NEXT GEN Samsung Galaxy S7 & Samsung Galaxy S7 4K DISPLAY Details Leaked Online

So, now it's pretty much confirmed that Galaxy S7 is going to announce on Feb 21 at 7:00 PM. We are really excited to have S7 in hands and feel the technology. Initial rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S7 emerged much too early to be all that believable (although the concept of a brand new version being worked on at that time was totally plausible and, in fact, likely), surfacing very shortly after the statement of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Those devices have been in existence for a while though, and as we head towards Christmas and the new year, Samsung's normal flagship mount inside Q1 is also nearing at a pace. Meaning, naturally, that Galaxy S7 rumours from here on out could carry a little more weight.

The source is quoted by Korean publication Asia Times as having maintained the 5.2in model will be the "conventional" Samsung Galaxy S7 version, though that is not just surprising to be honest.

The other tidbit of info mentions a 4K screen, however, it's not set if this is the 5.2in variation, the 5.8in, or both. Either way it looks Samsung is attempting to beat Sony's Xperia Z5 Premium at its own game, which, if taken literally, could suggest at the phablet being the UltraHD monster as that's definitely the case with Sony's offering as the biggest in the group, but even there it's just 5.5in, which is not actually THAT big these days.

A standard for what's asserted to be the larger form of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 has leaked online. Originally found a website that is Dutch, by Telefoonabonnement, the leaked AnTuTu benchmark appears to detail some key elements of the approaching Galaxy S7 flagship.

AnTuTu has demonstrated a pretty reliable source for decent flows previously, although clearly NONE of this can be taken as gospel, so we're prepared to give this one the benefit of the doubt. Overall, the specs are what you'd expect: a little bump up from the Galaxy S6, though interestingly the handset is labeled as rocking a Snapdragon 820 CPU.

Colour us disbelieving.

The last time we heard a mention of the Galaxy S7 was in relation to Samsung developing its own CPU core for use inside its next flagship. According to that information, plans are afoot at the firm's Korean HQ to develop its own custom chip core, meaning no more stock ARM Cortex CPU cores.

But we'll return to that in a bit.

Another bit of information from the rumour mill came from Digitimes and Korean news source Newsis, the latter of which claimed to have heard from its insider sources that Samsung has plans to launch the Galaxy S7 during the second half of 2015, rather than waiting until early 2016 as many expected.

But according to a subsequent statement from Samsung that's all a load of twaddle entire gumpf, hokum, or anything you prefer to call it.

A Samsung marketing representative explained to MobileBurn:

"The business remains committed to launching goods in predetermined launch windows, including the S series."

Or in other words, it's sticking to a 12 monthly cycle with an early year launching, likely at MWC like last time, so watch out for MWC 2016 in late February/early March.

However, as we said at the beginning of the post, you may rest assured there's undoubtedly a Galaxy S7 in the works, it simply will not come until 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 design rumours

Apple has been doing something similar for a while developing its own Cyclone cpu cores. Ditto Qualcomm with coming KRYO set up and its Krait. The benefits of this kind of approach are myriad; companies have more control over performance, APIs, functionality and efficiency.

A move such as this was on the cards. Samsung has been investing heavily in its chip making arm, so it stands to reason the company would desire to start developing its own, bespoke custom processor core just like its now archrival Qualcomm.

"Samsung is nearly ready to finally release its own processing core next year," reports Telephone World, "maybe in time for the Galaxy S7.

Samsung's System LSI Division has been working on a proprietary 64-bit core for four years and will be utilizing the default option ARM Cortex designs, according to a reports from Korea.

Qualcomm is set to debut its new KRYO heart on this year. At the time of writing there is no sound information regarding the roadmap for Samsung's solution, save for the nod to its inclusion inside the Galaxy S7 of 2016.

Based on a report from April 27, more details have emerged regarding Samsung's custom "Mongoose" centers. The word comes via KitGuru, which has identified some interesting titbits in ARM' latest developer toolset for ARM core design, supposedly as well as featuring support for ARM A17 and A72 cores, it also supports a "Samsung Exynos M1" core, aka "Mongoose". Not a great deal is known about the core design other than allegations that it is a Heterogeneous System Architecture.

A new set of information circulating as of August 11 suggests the Galaxy 7 may package Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 central processing unit, or at the very least there may be a form which does. According to this, a "Hero" device (ie: a flagship) will be equipped with a MSM8996 processor - aka the Snapdragon 820. There is also mention of what is considered to be a new Android construct, probably Android M, codenamed as "Jungrau" - a name already connected with the Galaxy 7 in earlier rumours.

Also there is rumours that Xiaomi is also looking to announce its smartphone Xiaomi mi5 & Mi5 plus soon in November 2015.

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