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Friday, 20 November 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 / NOTE 7 Leaked Concept Images

Update: As per the latest rumours Samsung has skipped Galaxy Note 6 and now they are going to launch Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on August 2, 2016 in New York City. The live streaming for Galaxy Note 7 will start at sharp 11.00 am EDT.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumours and Early Leaks

Already rumours are emerging about the Samsung's upcoming  smartphone Galaxy Note 6, although the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 hasn't been available for a tremendous amount of time. This will be a leading phablet release for Samsung in 2016, along with a one that is crucial considering the fact that the Galaxy Note series has been acclaimed in recent iterations. Now Samsung has launched Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphone's and Note 6 is going to next mobile phone to come which is scheduled to launch in September with IFA Berlin. You can check out Galaxy S7 Review video from below and read complete article fore complete specs of upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

Galaxy Note 6 Concept

With this in your mind, notion designers are working hard on picturing what the Galaxy Note 6 will look like when it's released, this week, and one such perception was released. Mesut G. Designs will be a recognizable name to followers of the mobile phone market, and this familiar moniker is the source of new Galaxy Note 6 concepts.

And the Mesut G. Designs theory is particularly tantalizing, as not only have pictures been produced, but the notion layout is additionally accompanied by a video. You can see the Mesut's Galaxy Note 6 concept below:

Additionally it is notable that this latest notion has been created in collaboration with JustChris. Both designers have collaborated to be able to make this imagination of what Samsung may create in the foreseeable future.

Both designers envision that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could comprise a white variant of the handset. This is interesting as Apple has attempted to enlarge the number of colors the iconic iPhone is available in lately. It appears that according to these concept designs that Samsung will look at a similar process in the following Galaxy Note 6 generation.

Redesign Stylus in Note 6

Among the pictures additionally comes with a brand new stylus for this particular market-leading tablet computer. Mesut G. Designs and JustChris clearly consider that it is time for Samsung to soup up its nonetheless lauded S Pen.

The theory images also significantly feature a metal construct, while the familiar House button is present.

There have been lots of gossips which indicate that Apple could contemplate left the Home button when the iPhone 7 is released, with analysts considering that it's possible that the consumer electronics giant will rely on 3D Touch functionality. Although opinions differ on whether Apple will choose this extreme move itself, obviously, Samsung will not be tempted to follow suit.

In these brand new images of the Galaxy Note 6, additionally it is remarkable that there are two loudspeakers found along the underside edge of the apparatus. Music could become important with Apple on this particular aspect of cellular telephone technology contemplating its recent purchases and strategy, placing a special emphasis, in the next phablet generation.

USB Type-C hint

The theory images also hint at the idea that Samsung could include USB Type-Ctechnology in the Galaxy Note 6. This appears to feature on the exact same page as the loudspeakers, signifying that Samsung could consider this elastic recharging technology for the following generation phablet.

When it comes to layout, the idea implies the Galaxy Note 6 will continue the recent smartphone obsession with slim designs. This is an incredibly narrow and glossy smartphone notion, with minimal bezels featured to the sides of the screen. Anybody who has bought a Samsung tv in recent years will note that this is a layout the producer has incorporated into it televisual products.

This really is quite telling, as other aspects of its successful television company have formerly migrated into the Galaxy mobile range, most notably the curved screens that have eventually become a huge success for the corporation. Samsung has indeed been the largest producer and seller of television sets since 2008, and makes its name by selling screen technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Full Specification

The only facet of the Galaxy Note 6 that is conspicuous by its absence in this particular notion design is any form of specifications. It should be said that at this juncture such a spec lists would be rather risky, but it's still possible imagine what Samsung may comprise in the Galaxy Note 6 when it is released and to look at business trends.

Therefore it is very possible the Galaxy Note 6 may be the first 4K resolution device released by Samsung, and this will definitely become something approaching early next year, a certainty should the technology not be included in the Galaxy S7. Samsung will want to follow suit when possible with Sony having already debuted 4K technology in the Xperia set, along with the Galaxy Note 6 phablet which is becoming linked with outstanding specs could be the obvious candidate. Unfortunately this time Galaxy Note 6 / Note 7 will not come with 4k resolution but still you will be happy to use SUPER AMOLED display of Note.

In the interim,, Samsung enthusiasts can look forward to interesting releases in Galaxy Note ranges and the Galaxy S next year.

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