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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 : Next Note Flagship From Samsung

Update: As per the official news that is published on Samsung blog, they have skipped Galaxy Note 6 for this year and will launch Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on August 2, 2016. The phone is going to have same specifications as we have rumoured earlier. Samsung is playing their cards very smart, as they have given clear cut thought on release date around 15 days earlier to the scheduled launch and will definitely will be one of the biggest launch of 2016. We all are waiting for samsung Galaxy Note 7 to come out.

Now Galaxy S7 is now available and rumours for next generation Samsung Galaxy Note 6 has started rendering all over the web. Well folks, you have gotten it right, we are discussing Samsung galaxy note 6. Samsung presented its first note release in the year 2011 and from that point forward Samsung has never traded off on anything. Samsung is certainly going to present another distributed storage framework that will permit clients to connection to their cloud record and get to documents notwithstanding when they are disconnected from the net. However, hang tight, on the off chance that you are imagining that Samsung is going to relinquish on the inside capacity then my companions, you are mixed up. It will be a 128 Giga Byte stockpiling in the engine.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specifications and Rumours

Samsung is thinking on playing enthusiastic about its display. Sony brought their Bravia display motor into their cell phones, however dissimilar to Sony, Samsung is going to make their cell phone's display significantly crisper and after that acquaint the innovation with their drove TV sets. Motivated by their bended TVs, Samsung is introducing so as to go to make a critical development fold-capable screen in Samsung Note 6 which implies that keeping the phablet in your tight jean's pocket is significantly less demanding. It will have QHD 1440 X 2560 or even 4K resolution as rumoured.

Why do we require a note 6? This may b an inquiry in your brain yet the accompanying things may clear the cloud from your psyche. Camera, gadgets now a days are loaded with megapixels and they can give you great catch quality, however yet be that as it may, the camera in Galaxy note 6 is going to b a ULTRA-PIXEL CAMERA. Ultra pixel 30 mp camera let you shoot in any light conditions, it will dependably give you fresh pictures. Well women, you may have needed to hear this sort of news urgently, Samsung note 6 is going to have a 16 MP FRONT CAMERA, yes 16 megapixel. Its much more than the joined camera force of a percentage of the late cell phones.
Organizations like LG, Sony… . have concoct telephones with quick charging innovation. All things considered, Samsung being Samsung have additionally incorporated this in their schedule and concocted splendid thought, a SUPER-FAST CHARGING TECHNOLOGY, yes it is genuine and super quick charging innovation will charge note 6 from zero to 40% in only 4 minutes. Indeed, even the time you take for loo is more than that. The Galaxy Note 6 is reported to have Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 features which enables it offer fast charging feature.
All things considered, all the astounding stuff is being said as much why don't we investigate the telephone's hood. It packs a 8 Giga Byte RAM, yes 8 Giga Byte of force in your grasp. All things considered, uplifting news doesn't stop here, the note 6 will be the first cell phone with Octa core Snapdragon 823 processor with cutting edge battery sparing innovation. The telephone will break down your energy needs and as needs be resolve the chips of your Galaxy Note 7 / Note 6.
All things considered, the truth will surface eventually how much quicker what's to come will be. In addition some all the more energizing cell phones are coming like Samsung Galaxy S7, Xperia Z6, LG G5, HTC 10, Apple iPhone 7 and Xiaomi MI6 smartphone's.

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